AFMCP——The Revolution of Medical Thinking

"Functional medicine" was proposed in 1980 and the American Functional Medicine College was founded in 1991, regarded as a professional institution for international functional medicine research and education training. The college brings together the world's top functional medicine experts to research and develop a complete set of technical methods and operation specification for clinical applications. Dr. Jeffrey Brand, founder and first president of the college, is widely known as the "father of functional medicine in the world". The current president, Dr. Mark Heyman, is a private doctor for former US president Bill Clinton and a well-known medical expert in the United States. Dr. Stephen Barrie, another founder of the college, is currently the chief science officer of Peking Union Lawke Center For Functional Medicine, and has long been engaged in the research and teaching of functional medicine and Chinese health management in China.

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Functional Medicine——Precise Preventive Medicine

Functional medicine is the third type of new medicine besides clinical medicine and traditional Chinese medicine. Functional medicine and clinical medicine have different emphasis but are complementary. Clinical medicine is waiting medicine and only control symptoms after the the formation of disease. However,  functional medicine attaches importance to the early stage of disease formation. It is a precise medicine mainly based on prevention and the most effective medicine to improve sub-health, chronic, metabolic and degenerative diseases.

Functional medicine is "people-oriented" rather than "disease-based". By paying more attention to the root causes of disease, rather than the surface symptoms produced by the disease, functional medicine assesses the “function” of each organ, not just the “pathology”. Therefore, unlike the pathological indicators of clinical medical examination, functional medicine detects more complex and deeper physiological indicators and address the root causes of disease from the molecular and cellular level. Then through expert matrix consultation from nutrition, detoxification, stress relief, sports, psychological factors and other aspects to formulate a precise, systematic and comprehensive anti-aging health management program.



Taking intestinal problems as an example, if there is a long-term constipation symptoms caused by non-organic lesions, functional medicine does not use small molecule drugs to promote the discharge of intestine waste, but regulates thyroid hormones, balances intestinal flora, and avoids chronic food allergies. Assisted by mineralized small-molecule intestine lavage and other intervention equipment, it can fundamentally improve or even eliminate constipation symptoms. The comprehensive and personalized solution can enhance intestinal detoxification function and promote nutrient absorption and the production of immune cells in the intestine.