"All biological answers end up going to the cell to find, because all organisms are, or were a cell."

—— American Famous Biologist  E. B. Wilson (1925)

Neology Cell Laboratory —— NeoLab

The whole third floor of Neology stem cell anti-aging hospital is a cell laboratory built according to GMP standards——Neolab, which contains hundred levels cell preparation room, independent cell control room, research laboratory and so on. With the support of 9 policies specially approved by the State Council of Boao Lecheng medical tourism pioneer area, the cell preparation team led by Dr. Zhu Lunjian took the lead in applying the world's most advanced technology to the production and preparation of cells.



Aging, Earlier than You Imagine


Stem Cell, the Answer of Anti-aging

 Each of us produces 1 billion blood cells per day, and 20, 000 new red blood cells every second. What is generating new cells in a steady stream? It is the stem cells that constantly update old cells, repair damaged cells and produce new cells to replace decaying cells in a person's life. However, as the age increases, the number of stem cells decreases rapidly. When the number and vitality of stem cells decline, the speed of newborn cells is lower than the speed of apoptosis, the aging of the body begins to accelerate and diseases will come one after another.


Stem cells have only 50 years of medical history, but they subvert our perception of the body. The human body is able to regenerate to a certain extent, and aging is not completely irreversible.



Stem Cell——To Achieve the Regeneration of Body Function

Stem cells have become the direction of medical development at present and in the next 50 years. They are not only used to treat serious diseases such as severe damage of tissues and organs, nervous system diseases, autoimmune diseases and other difficult diseasea, which are helpless by conventional medical methods, but also used for systemic conditioning sub-health and intervention in the treatment of chronic diseases, activating the body's own“self-healing function”and returning to a healthy state.